Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello: He's meeting the family already!

sofia vergara and joe manganielloIt looks like things are heating up for the sexiest couple ever: Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, who started dating just a few weeks ago. Rumors about the romance started circulating recently after 42-year-old Vergara and 37-year-old Manganiello were seen out together in New Orleans, Louisiana where she was filming Don't Mess with Texas--and since then they've been showing a lot more PDA. Well, the most recent displays of public affection? At Miami International Airport on Thursday, where the lovey dovey pair were spotted full on making out while waiting for their baggage. It's no wonder Vergara is ready to introduce the hunk to her family!


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Vergara has been posting to her Instagram account--without offering any pictures of Manganiello, of course--from Miami, where she's vacationing (her first with Manganiello!) and introducing her new man to her family and friends. The pictures show the Colombian star out with family and friends, having an amazing time. Things couldn't be better for the couple, who actually look like they were made for each other. Vergara met Manganiello's brother and sister-in-law during a double date last Monday, and now it's his turn. I hope the Vergara caln approves. (But seriously, who wouldn't? I mean, look at that man!)

No word on what Vergara's son, Manolo, thinks of his maybe stepdad, but I'm sure he's cool with it. After all, he's a mature young man who wants only the best for his mamá (and seriously, he may be as glad as I am that she ditched that jealous, overbearing, annoying Nick Loeb guy, ugh).

I couldn't be happier for Vergara, who had some rough times with her ex in the past. Thankfully that's all behind her and she's got herself a new man. The True Blood star has reportedly carried a torch for Vergara ever since May when they met at the White House Correspondent's dinner. He told People mag: "She's got that Latin thing g oing. She's got the butt, she's got curves, she's got a beautiful face, beautiful hair, just gorgeous. And she's feisty!" Yes she is! I hope this relationship develops into something long-lasting. But with the way it's going up to now--what with all that PDA and meeting the families already--I'm sure it will!

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