Alejandro Sanz has a brand new baby girl & her name is ...

Another celebrity baby has been born. I'm talking about Alejandro Sanz's child.

He's crazy in love with the birth of his daughter. Yes, it was a girl and she has a beautiful name. But the singer and his wife didn't choose the name because they thought it was pretty, but rather because it represents a person very close to Sanz's heart.


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The baby girl's name is Alma and even though it's a fairly popular name, it has a very special meaning for them, according to Vanitatis. The first two letters, AL, for Alejandro and the last two letters, MA, for Maria, the singer's late mother. So sweet!

Raquel Perera, the singer's wife, gave birth just a few hours ago in a renowned hospital in Madrid. It wasn't a coincidence that the couple were in Spain for Alma's birth since they had arrived in the artist's birth country in June to spend a long vacation there while they waited for the baby's arrival.

Alma is Sanz's fourth child and his second with his current wife. They already have a son named Dylan. Sanz also has a teenage daughter, Manuela, from his marriage to model Jaydy Michel and a son named Alexander born to ex-girlfriend Valeria Rivera.

I bet that with the birth of this baby, Sanz will be inspired to compose more beautiful music, as he's done with his other children and especially now that his working on a new album. In fact, the Spanish daily El Mundo claims the artist already has 40 songs ready to go and he'll be spending the rest of the summer choosing the ones he wants in his next album.

Sanz is a grateful and simple man. The last time I interviewed him was in his house in Miami and he was so sweet to my son who was accompanying me. He gave him a tour of the house and he talked to him about the importance of being respectful to one's parents. I know he was super close to his mother and that he now takes care of his children as lovingly as his mom took care of him. 

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