William Levy pulls a Kobe, makes up for cheating with jewelry

Chismes are going around that William Levy is trying to get himself out of the doghouse after allegedly leaving the mother of his two kids Elizabeth Gutiérrez for his telenovela co-star Ximena Navarrete. Earlier this year, the Cuban actor and former Miss Universe were snapped cozying up together in a hotel--and we doubt they were practicing lines for their series La Tempestad. Now, a new report claims that the casanova is done with Navarrete and trying to win Gutiérrez back. Ay, or should I say buy her love back?


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Levy reportedly entered a jewelry store in Miami and purchased a custom made necklace with the initials of the 35-year-old star and their kids Christopher and Kailey. I'm sorry, but isn't that the cheesiest and easiest way to profess your love and commitment to someone after supposedly cheating on them for months? Wait, and also reportedly dumping the mother of your children for the mistress?

Apparently, his suave attempt worked and the Latina mom of two has taken him back in. Let's just get this straight: Levy hasn't confirmed or denied the rumors, but his track record indicates that the rumors were probably true. Back in 2010, Gutiérrez broke off their engagement after infidelity rumors took over. Around that time Levy was linked with co-stars Barbara Mori and Maite Perroni. The on-again, off-again couple got back together in 2012 and have continued to fight love triangle rumors (on Levy's end) ever since.

Notice a pattern here? I know Gutierrez probably wants to keep her family together and is desperately in love with the hunky star, but at some point enough is enough. If the reports are true, I think it is time for Gutiérrez to dump Levy, work on herself, and then get her groove back with a man who is going to truly respect her and be faithful. She needs that way more than a new fancy "I'm sorry, please take me back" necklace. Wake up, chica.

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