William Levy's girlfriend Elizabeth Gutierrez forgives his cheating...AGAIN!

Love or humiliation? That's the first question that comes to my mind when I see how Elizabeth Gutierrez acts in order to maintain intact her relationship with hunk William Levy.

According to the tabloids, he was recently seen at a hotel in Miami together with former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete and the proof is a sinful picture--adding more fuel to the flame when it comes to rumors that since they met, they've been together despite the fact that Levy is not single.

Although both have denied it to death (it's obviously not convenient for them!) there are affected parties in all this mess. However, Elizabeth is a fighter, willing to do anything to save her relationship. Check out what she told someone close to her...


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"Love blinds her and she's determined to keep her family together, that's why she works really hard to be the perfect wife and mother, so she won't leave him. She'll never get tired of defending him saying that what they say about him and Ximena Navarrete is just gossip," the unnamed source told TV Notas. 

I think she's one of those women who love too much and they put family above everything else, even when it's something horrible and painful like thisAll of it has been real hard for her, but she does seem to be a fighter. Plus, she's obviously as in love with the actor today as she was the first day.

According to the same source, the couple continues to live together in their Miami mansion and she knows the star will always come back to her because of their two kids, Christopher and Kailey. And one thing that can't be denied about Levy is that he's a great father, at least from what he shares on social media. 

I guess we'll have to wait and see how this plays out and whether he ends up choosing the emotional stability Elizabeth offers him or the charm of a fresh romance with Ximena. Only time will tell!

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