We got 99 problems, but a bad sense of humor ain't one! That's because us Latinas rely on our wit to get through otherwise annoying situations, like when when we have to wake up fifteen minutes early just to tame our pelo.

I get it. I'm right there with ya. In fact, millions of women are. Need proof? Check out these 15 hilarious but true problems sourced from Latinas (and a few Latinos) across the interwebs. I promise, they'll make you laugh so hard, you'll forget all about your problemas.  #Latinaproblems. We all got them...

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I promise, they'll make you laugh so hard, you'll forget all about your problemas.  #Latinaproblems. We all got them...


Papi problems 1

Papi problems

Where is it written that all Latinas are dying to call their men papi?

Considering papi means "dad" in Spanish, many Latinas would rather opt for a less incestuous nickname for their boo, like chulo or lindo. 


Privacy problems 2

Privacy problems

No matter how old you are, your mother will always want to know what you're doing, who you're doing it with, and what time you'll be at her house for dinner. 


J.Lo problems 3

J.Lo problems

And god help you if you happen to be Puerto Rican and from the Bronx. You might as well just concede and tell people Jennifer Lopez is your second cousin on your father's side, twice removed. That's what everyone thinks anyway. 

Reggaeton problems 4

Reggaeton problems

You mind is over reggaeton, but apparently your hips aren't. 



Forget family trees, we have family forests. 5

Forget family trees, we have family forests.

Okay, so not all of us have 32 first cousins, but many Latinos do have quite extensive extended families. We take this for granted until someone asks us to make a family tree or gives us only four tickets for a high school graduation. Then the struggle becomes real. 


Exotic problems 6

Exotic problems

Last I checked, Latinas are neither plants nor animals nor fancy pieces of furniture, so please stop calling us exotic. Here are a few adjectives you may used instead: Smart, beautiful, intelligent, phenominal, and badass. 




Mami's lucha problems 7

Mami's lucha problems

You might as well just pull up a seat and make yourself comfy, because when mami starts complaining about everything she's had to do by her damn self, you know it's gonna take a while. 

Lost in translation 8

Lost in translation

You wouldn't mind helping if it didn't mean you had to accompany mami to the gyno and papi to the mechanic. 


Booty problems 9

Booty problems

Not all Latinas have big booties, I know. But for those of us who do, we all knowsome men act as if our nalgas have some sort of gravitational pull detectable by their grubby hands and gross eyeballs.

Stereotype problems 10

Stereotype problems

If I had a peso for every time someone assumed I was Mexican or Dominican, I'd be a very rich woman. There's nothing wrong with being Mexican or Dominican or Puerto Rican, but there is something wrong with non-Latinos assuming that all Latinos come from a single country. We don't. We have rich and varied backgrounds, and we're proud of our cultural differences.


Bedtime story probs 11

Bedtime story probs

Not quite sure if telling your child the story of La Llorona constitutes a bedtime story or if it's consider a threat. Perhaps both? 


Saying adios problems 12

Saying adios problems

There's no such thing as a quick call from mami. Your best bet is to just pull up a chair and listen. And if you must get off the phone, start saying goodbye at least fifteen minutes before your intended hang up time. 


Ingles problems 13

Ingles problems

You'd think responding to someone's broken Spanish in English would get them to start speaking to you in Ingles, right? Not always. Some people just want to "show off" their language skills at your expense. 

Auto-correct problems 14

Auto-correct problems

That awkward moment when you meant to text "muchas gracias" to your boss for giving you the day off, but instead it came out as "nachos grassy ass." Thanks for nader...I mean, nada, auto-correct. 


Romeo Santos problems 15

Romeo Santos problems

Let's face it: Romeo Santos, Marc Anthony and Enrique Iglesias have set the romance bar so high, no (real) man can ever compete.