'Devious Maids:' Death and a Wedding?

Love is in the air on the latest episode of "Devious Maids,' but unfortunately on this series there is no such thing as happy endings. Find out who got married, who is pregnant, who turned her husband into the police, and who got shot at the wedding! These chicas sure have their hands full, but damn do they look good doing it. 


Genevieve tells Zoila about Pablo's kidney donation and tries convince her to reunite with her lying, cheating ex-husband. Zoila decides to tell her new beau, Javier, about her tryst with Pablo, and to her surprise, Javier forgives her. Unfortunately, it's not the answer she wants to hear, and she confesses that she needs to give Pablo another chance and lets him move in. Is this the end of her fabulous romance with the handsome chef or will she have buyers remorse about reuniting with her lying husband?

It doesn't take long for Zoila to come running back to Javier's door realizing she's made a huge mistake reuniting with Pablo. Unfortunately, Genevieve loses her chance at Pablo's kidney when he realizes it won't win back Zoila and Zoila gets a surprise call from the doctor, turns out she's pregnant!

Marisol discovers the truth about Nick and decides to turn him into to the police but doesn't have enough evidence. When she confronts Nick, she demands that he confess to the Powells about killing their son, Barrett, in a hit and run over 10 years ago. Meanwhile, the Powells are struggling to celebrate their anniversary in the face of their collective adultery, when Nick finally knocks on their door and comes clean.

Nick tells them the story of Dahlia and Opal's affair, of Dahlia's confession, of his turning away from the road in shock and hitting and killing Barrett with his car. Upon the admission of his guilt, Mr. Powell attacks Nick with a dagger and sends Nick and Marisol bleeding to the police. Will the Powells finally renew their love and realize how much they've been blaming each other for their son's death? Perhaps their a silver lining after all!

The girls crash a private event which turns out to be a surprise wedding proposal for Rosie! Spence gets down on one knee, giving Rosie the happily-ever-after she's been dreaming of. But when she goes shopping for a dress, she discovers Spence is broke. Uh oh, is there trouble in paradise? Rosie takes matters into her own hands and and fires Carmen, sending Carmen into a existential crisis about her own life's dreams. When Carmen meets Sebastian, a charming man at a Jazz bar, her life finally changes in the way she hopes. Sebastian helps Carmen score the meeting of a lifetime and a new sexy lover. Yummy! Are things finally turning around for Carmen? Not so fast, turns out the record exec is Sebastian's wife! Sucio

Rosie finds it difficult to plan her very hasty wedding when Spence keeps spending extravagantly, hiring the famous Michael Feinstein to sing Disney songs at their wedding. Rosie questions if she can be happy with Spence given their different backgrounds, and she reminisces about her 1st husband who was murdered. But the girls convince her to trust him and she marries like a Disney princess.

But happiness doesn't come without a cost on Devious Maids. Spence's mentally unstable nephew, Ty, has stolen Spence's gun and does a drive by shooting at the church in hopes of silencing Valentina who knows the truth about the masked robbers. Who does he shoot? You'll have to tune in next week, because all we saw was Rosie's perfect bouquet splattered with blood. Talk about a Blood Wedding!

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