Beyonce's father has ANOTHER love child!

Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles is on the run from yet another paternity suit.

30-year-old TaQoya Branscomb alleges Knowles fathered a child with her in 2010, and now she's taking him to court for a DNA test to prove it. The Houston-area lingerie model turned real estate agent is also asking for child support and attorney fees from Knowles.


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According to Branscomb, she was involved with Knowles around the same time he fessed up to fathering another child outside of his marriage with Queen Bey's mother, Tina Knowles. Now, four years later, it seems all of Knowles past marital indiscretions are coming back to bite him on the wallet.

Branscomb suit comes on the heels of a settlement reached between Knowles and his other baby's mother, Alexsandra Wright. Last year, Knowles caught a break when a judge drastically reduced his monthly child support payment to Wright from $12,000 to $ 2,485 a month, due to his change of income—i.e. being fired by his superstar daughter after he cheated on her mother. But the settlement only applies to payments made from thereon out. Knowles reportedly still owes Wright tens of thousands of dollars in back child support. 

Unsurprisingly, Beyonce and her sister Solange have kept their distance from their filandering father. Neither one of them were present as he tied the knot with former model Gena Charmaine Avery this June. But who could blame them? He cheated on their mother with two women, who he then managed to get knocked up. 

It's hard to really feel sorry him. Knowles made his bed and now he has to lay in it. Besides, when it comes to his money woes, I'm not buying his sad story. Afterall, he can still afford to pay Miri Ben Ari to play the world's tiniest violin for him as he cries about his waning income and multiple paternity suits. If Branscomb's child is indeed his, he needs to pay up. But even more than that, he needs to be as hands-on with his two youngest children as he was with Beyonce and Solange. Because at the end of the day, affection is free and ultimately more valuable to a child. So moving forward, if he can't handle that kind of responsibility, perhaps he should consider putting a condom on it. 

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