Are Michelle Rodriguez & Zac Efron dating?!

It looks like Michelle Rodriguez is quickly moving on from her breakup with ex-girlfriend, Cara Delevingne. The bisexual Fast & Furious hottie apparently has been vacationing in Italy and she's not alone. She tagged along with businessman Gianluca Vacchi, his girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele and a shirtless Zac Efron. There's even a video Vacchi posted on Instagram of the four of them sitting on a dock together. Hmmm ... could this have been a couple getaway?


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The video shows the four of them hanging on a dock with Michelle doing an impressive yoga headstand. Zac looks pretty impressed and at one point it appeared like he was checking out her bikini body up and down. I mean the girl looks AMAZING, so who could blame him for looking?

"Welcome to my friends!" Vacchi says in the video, followed by the other three shouting "Enjoy." We still don't know if anything is actually happening between Michelle and Zac, but let's be honest here they are two sexy adults wearing hardly any clothes in a beautiful country in Europe. It's hard for me to believe that absolutely nothing has gone down.

Plus, Zac has a thing for smart, sexy, Latinas and Michelle perfectly fits that description. He compiled a "wish list" earlier in June of women he'd love to date and Eva Mendes and Selena Gomez were on it. While Michelle wasn't initially on the list, I'm pretty sure Zac is currently play around with the idea. Plus, I get the feeling Michelle likes to date younger. She's 35, Cara Delevingne is 21 and Zac is 26, almost 10 years younger than she is. Hey I'm not judging!

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