Jenni Rivera would be turning 45 today. As a mom, I can't stop thinking about Jenni's orphaned children. But at the same time, I know La Diva de la Banda would be super proud of how much they've accomplished after her death. The singer's five kids and even La Diva's two youngest siblings, who she helped raise, have really done great things in these last two and a half years, I'm sure inspired by her. But what they've done is nothing compared to what they have planned...


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Chiquis: No one has done more after her mom's death than Jenni's oldest daughter, Chiquis. She has taken over raising her younger siblings, has maintained the house in order and has kept the family united. She's worked tirelessly to rehab her image and launch her singing career. This last year, she released a song and a video, she's hosted various awards shows and on July 17, she'll debut her singing LIVE at Premios Juventud.

This was part of the message to Jenni she shared on social media last night:

Momma I wish with alllllllll my heart you could be here so I can wake you up with Mariachi just the way you deserve and the way we did for so many years on you birthday, but I hope that heaven is doing that and more. I pray you're smiling and are happier than ever, even though part of me gets so jealous cuz I wish you were happy here by my side, but I hold on to the day I will be able to hug you again. I love you SO much. Happy Birthday my momma bear... Until our eyes meet again I will patiently waiting and trying my best to make you proud. Love Your big princess, Quismin. 

Jacqi: I can't help but think how much Jenni would have enjoyed her new granddaughter! The daughter who most resembles the late singer became a mom for a second time recently. She also released a collection of T-shirts with Christian messages and has worked to raise funds for her uncle's church.

Mike: Jenni's oldest son has avoided problems after that unjustified arrest in Miami during Premio Lo Nuestro in 2013. He's become an amazing father figure for his little brother Johnny and has his own daughter, Luna. He has his own business.

Jenicka: Jenni's youngest daughter turned17 and graduated high school. Being a teen without her mom can't be easy, but Jenicka seems to have lots of friends that keep her happy and looks more beautiful every day.

Johnny: Jenni's youngest is already a teen! At 13 years old, Johnny is in milddle school where he was promoted with excellent grades!

Jenni must smile down at all that her kids are doing. There's no better way to honor her than living and doing the best possible. Felicidades to all her kids.

Image via Jenni Rivera/Facebook

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