Jennifer Lopez wants to get married AGAIN

Jennifer Lopez has always been a hopeless romantic, but after three divorces and quite a few breakups, you'd think the last thing on her mind would be marriage. But even during her two-day iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party in Miami, Florida this past weekend, she still took the time to open up about love. In fact, she even told the NY Daily News she might get married again. Wait, what?


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"She was so sweet and nice to everyone and took pictures with everyone who asked after just finishing on stage," one fan told the newspaper, "she was so happy." Some think that it might have something to do with her supposed new boyfriend, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the hottie dance instructor from Dancing With the Stars. Apparently he was there in Miami hanging out with her before the show.

J.Lo even said there's a possibility she'd marry again, the complete opposite of what she said earlier this year when she was still with Casper. "I believe in love more than ever, but I think I've gotten a little bit smarter about it," she said.

But in January of this year, Jennifer claimed she was still unsure. "I don't know," she said. "Maybe, we'll see, I don't know. I always believe in that institution, my parents were married for a very long time, they were married for 35 years. I believe in it, it's difficult. I've had my challenges but at the same time I believe in love and I think that that's the main thing." Maybe Jennifer was unsure when she was with Casper because she was unsure of the relationship? Rumor has it they were having issues WAY before they officially broke things off.

I don't know if J.Lo really is dating Maksim or not, I just know that she seems to be in a good place in her life. And if she wants to fall in love again or even marry again, why not? She's just 44 and still in her prime. Plus, maybe fourth time's the charm?

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