Pregnant Ninel Conde breaks up with Giovanni Medina?

Ninel Conde is not one of my favorite people in the world, but I must admit I was touched when I heard the heartbreaking message that a friend of hers says she got from the Mexican star on Facebook. I think there are few moments in a woman's life when she is as vulnerable as when she's pregnant. It's so unfair that on top of all the gossip in the tabloids about her relationship with Giovanni Medina, she has to deal with such a problematic baby daddy. I'm telling you, something's not right...


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A message an unidentified friend supposedly received from the ex-judge of Mira Quién Baila was read during Despierta América's "Lenguilargos" segment. Although it wasn't totally explicit, the message did make it clear that Ninel and Medina had broken up. This makes sense considering the desperate messages the young businessman had shared through his social media channels and it goes perfect with the star's eldest daughter's decision to go back home to live with her mom. The teen had left her mom's house to go live with her dad when Ninel's pregnancy was announced. 

However, Ninel has unofficially claimed that the message she supposedly sent to her friend via Facebook is a fake, the work of internet hackers who like to get into people accounts and do all kinds of damage for diverse reasons.

Check out the message read on Despierta América. But before, I have to ask, who would benefit from a fake message like this one? The only one would be Ninel herself to make sure she continues to make tabloid headlines... Read it to see what you think. I believe it's true. 

Today begins my journey with my kids as a single mom. Just like I did it once, I'm going to do it again with God's and my love one's help. I know that many will be happy for me because they know it's for the best. Other will be happy because they'll be able to continue being on the other one's side, but that's the least of my worries. The most important thing here is to deal with erroneous decisions and to keep on going. Moms are great dads too and when you stumble upon someone who doesn't know how to react accordingly nor does he know how to give a woman in this very difficult stage of her life the peace she needs, we need to move on and keep on growing. 

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to keep on learning and growing and I know even though it hurts, God is working in me, to keep on polishing that diamond in me, that I'm his beloved daughter, his precious princess. I love all of you and thanks for your love and support. 

Isn't it sad? Plus, this is what Medina wrote on Friday:


I can't help it, I'm pretty sad for them.

Image via Giovanni Medina/Twitter

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