WATCH: Little boy channels Lady Gaga in fierce recital performance

bad romanceLady Gaga is known to dress in crazy outfits and put on some intense performances. However, I think one kid is giving her a run for her money because he put on the fiercest performance and rocked some dance moves to her song "Bad Romance." The best part is he couldn't be older than 10 and he looks like he is the biggest Gaga fan ever.

If this isn't passion, I don't know what is!


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I can't dance to save my life, therefore seeing this little boy break it down was impressive to me. It's the funniest image because the last thing you would expect is a kid in a white polo tee and black ironed shorts to be dancing to a Lady Gaga song.

But he shows that he can work it and proves that he can be just as fierce if not more than Lady Gaga. He also has great rythym, which says to me that he's watched her music video MORE than a handful of times. I love how he doesn't hold back and you know what? I would totally pay to see him perform an entire Gaga or Beyonce album!

Can you imagine how amazing he would be performing to their other songs? Check out his mind blowing performance below!

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