WATCH: World Cup 2014's top 5 commercials

On top of the fact that, so far, this has been one of the most exciting world cups I've watched thanks to all the Latin American countries that have made it to the Round of 16, I can't deny that one of the things I've enjoyed the most have been the awesome commercials aired since even before the World Cup Brazil 2014 got started. 

Check out some of the favorites out there:


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1. Gol! -- McDonald's

Even though this is not one of the most watched, it's my favorite commercial because it doesn't showcase any famous fútbol players, but rather a group of regular people with tons of talent!

2. Because Futbol "Avoidance" -- Hyundai

This one is my kids' favorite commercial and you have to watch the end to undertand why they always die laughing!

3. Adriana Lima Football vs Futbol -- KIA

Besides featuring Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima, this commercial is perfect for those of us raising bicultural children who are a bit confused about the difference between American football and fútbol (soccer).

4. All in or nothing "The Dream" -- Adidas

Featuring Arentina's soccer God, Lionel Messi, and several other super stars, this one is all about how there's only one way to live and play if you want to become the World Cup champion.


5. The game before the game -- Beats by Dre


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