Evelyn Lozada disses Chad Ochocinco & talks about her wedding!

Evelyn Lozada might be over her ex Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, but she definitely wants to rub it in his face that she has a new man. The Basketball Wives star, who is engaged to L.A. Dodgers player Carl Crawford and the dad of her new baby, dissed her ex at a GNC store at the Beverly Center. You'll never guess what she had to say!


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Evelyn was hanging at the GNC store at the Beverly Center before TMZ stopped her to ask about her new engagement ring. "He did good huh? Definitely an upgrade from last," she said laughing. She wound up flashing the ring and I have to admit it's definitely an upgrade from the 10 carat rock Johnson gave her back in 2010. This one is freaking massive. It's like 14.5 carats and it's gorgeous. Good for her!

The reporter then asks her if she would take a picture of her "rear end" during her wedding photo. Apparently this is a trend right now.

"No," she said laughing. "No I would never consider showing my a** off during my wedding photos I think that's like a classy thing and I think I've done a lot of crazy things in my life already," she added. "My a** does look good so I would, you know, maybe for a home picture. Maybe or a picture for Carl. For his eyes only but for everyone else."

Honestly, I can't blame Evelyn for wanting to show off her ring. Chad did her dirty and she deserves to throw it in his face that she's moved on and found herself a better man. Heck, I'd do the same thing too! 

Image via TMZ

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