Anyone who follows Alec Baldwin's Latina wife Hilaria Baldwin on Instagram knows she lives, drinks and breathes yoga all day every day. She's posing on sidewalks in NYC streets, at the beach, on rooftops and even on rail road tracks (even thoughthat's not really the smartest thing in the world to do). Recently she posted a picture of herself posing on a yacht. But this yoga picture differs from the rest in that she's seen wearing a teeny tiny black bikini and let me tell you, her butt looks amazing!


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I don't know how she does it, but Hilaria has managed to make yoga a part of her daily lifestyle and it definitely seems to be paying off. Her body is super toned and her booty looks terrific. Trust me, if I had the time and her flexibility skills, I'd probably be doing the same. Regardless, this photo definitely inspires me to want to work out.

Hilaria isn't the only celeb looking fierce in a bikini. Quite a few of our favorite Latina stars have shown off hot swimsuit selfies on Instagram. Check them out below for fit-spiration!

Image via Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

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