After Ninel Conde has defended her new galán against all rumors, I'm curious to see what she's going to say after the last news that surfaced about her man's past. Giovanni Medina's shady past includes some investigations for various crimes. It seems that he's even used fake names to dodge the law ... But it seems like lately, his lies are coming apart at the seams--and poor Ninel is going to have a heart attack when she finds out what he's been investigated for!

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One of the first times he was investigated was seven years ago when he was involved in a car accident. Medina suffered some injuries, but he was accused of assaulting another driver, according to the victim, very severely.

Another time Medina, who is supposedly a businessman in Mexico, was under investigation was when he was sued by a person who claimed he was assaulted by several people at Molly Rocks, a nightclub owned by Medina. The accuser also says Medina himself was one of the aggressors.

There are even police records that show Ninel's man has changed his name, sometimes going by an alias Giovane Emmanuel Medina Morales.

According to site, there are witnesses who claim Medina always says he's the son of a very important Mexican politician and that he always gives false names when he's in trouble with the law in order to dodge jail. All these rumors about Medina's shady past need to be confirmed, but like my abuela used to say: Cuando el río suena, es que agua lleva.

I think we'll soon get more definitive proof that Ninel's boyfriend is actually quite shady. I still can't get over that audio leaked where Medina verbally disrespects and abuses Ninel with a series of groserías no woman should ever have to hear from her significant other.

I hope I'm wrong, for her sake and the unborn baby's. But my gut feeling is that something huge is coming and Ninel's baby daddy is going to be involved in some other mess and his lies are going to come crashing down around him.

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Lo q aqui se hace aqui se paga por todo lo q le hizo a lazada en mira quien baila q le dijo feo y q no era macho y lo critico hasta mas no poder bien burlona la estupida karma baby karma
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