eiza gonzalez hot new manRumors have been circulating for months now that Eiza González may be dating her From Dusk Til Dawn co-star, DJ Cotrona. Yes, the hottie who plays Seth Gecko! The two have been spotted quit a few times together (outside of filming of course), including one time where they were seen having dinner. But Eiza insists that she's not in a relationship. I'm not too sure I believe her though!


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Eiza seems to be sending mixed messages on her social media regarding her relationship status. First, she posted a photo of DJ Cotrona just a few weeks ago. This is a big deal for someone who posts nothing but selfies of herself all day, every day. The caption read: "In honor to #MCM my awesome cast mate is on #IG now aka 'Seth Gecko' finally convinced him, show him some love! Sigan a mi compañero por fin lo convencimos de entrar a insta @cotrona23@duskelrey."

DJ has a few pics of Eiza on his instagram as well. One of him, Eiza and Wilmer Valderrama, who's also part of the From Dusk Til Dawn series cast. And then one of Eiza alone in a post ad for the show. He wrote no caption, but it's not really needed. The ad displays a sexy Eiza posed as her character, Satanico, wearing lingerie and a featured headpiece while seductively holding a snake. It reads "Call her. She's sinister! She's seductive! She's thirsty FOR YOU! The Titty Twister's Santanico Pandemonium."

We still don't know for sure if these two are actually dating. But if they are, Eiza clearly doesn't want her fans to know. "I'm single for everyone that says I am in a relationship," she recently wrote on Twitter. "The day that I actually am, I'll happily share it."

I'm not buying it. There were photos proving she was messing around with Miley Cyrus' ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth, last year and she denied those allegations too. I think it's definitely possible she's seeing Cotrona, but probably doesn't want to put it out there until things get serious. One thing for sure, Eiza has definitely had an interesting love life. Here are some of the other dudes out there that have been linked to her!

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