'Devious Maids:' Who Got Arrested?

In case you forgot, last week ended when Ethan, Valentina's boyfriend/the pool boy/Opal's son, got stabbed by Carmen after attempting a robbery with his team of serial masked robbers. This week, we pick up 15 minutes after the robbery. How did the ladies make out? 


After Ethan showed up bleeding on Valentina's doorstep, she calls in the help of an unexpected ally: Remi, her doctor ex-boyfriend. Things get heated when Remi questions Ethan's alibi (Ethan claims he got stabbed in a bar fight.) Remi connects the dots regarding the truth after reading an article in the paper about the robberies. When Valentina confronts Ethan, he admits to the robberies, and Valentina asks him to turn himself in. When he refuses, she leaves crying, but gets stopped by a police officer who discovers her backseat stained with blood. Will Valentina get framed for Ethan's bad choices?  

Reggie Miller keeps getting creepier.  Not only is he stealing Mr. Miller's money in some vengeance scheme, he keeps coming on to Rosa as if trying to buy her love.. Rosa warns Mr. Miller of Reggie's bad intentions. But when Mr. Miller confronts Reggie asking for his power of attorney back, things get physical and Mr. Miller ends up in the hospital. When Reggie tries to give Rosie a diamond necklace, Rosie suspects he's stealing more money from Mr. Miller, and gets very uncomfortable. You better get out of that house now, Rosa, before you and your son's life is in danger. I don't trust that man! 

Meanwhile, Zoila is left alone to care for Genevieve's mother, a drunk and demanding old lady with a dirty mouth. Zoila confronts Genevieve at the Four Seasons and convinces her to come home and deal with her mother directly. Genevieve finally confronts her mother for the damage she's caused in her life but Mama has a hard attack while Zoila and Genevieve celebrate the brave feat! After Zoila instructs Genevieve to take the high road, Genevieve focuses on making Zoila proud. 

 Carmen gets her moment of fame after stabbing the armed robbers (aka Ethan) ends up on the nightly news, however, the tone gets somber when Spence loses custody of his son. Spence convinces Carmen to have a drink with him by lurring her with the promise of a day off. After he trades fixing up her car for another night of drinking, Carmen discovers she may be creating a dangerous and inappropriate patter drinking with her employer (not to mention her friend Rosie's ex-love!). When Carmen confronts him about his alcoholism, Spence has trouble holding back on the whiskey. This can't be good. 

After Marisol asks Nick to speak to some detectives regarding the car accident, Nick, woozy on meds, apologetically confesses to killing someone. Unfortunately for a very surprised Marisol, he doesn't say whom. When she addresses it with him after he wakes up, Nick gets defensive and Marisol's suspicion grows.  After begging Nick to tell her the truth, Nick refuses and Marisol announces she's leaving him. This time, for good! Something tells me Nick won't let that happen. 


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