I've already said goodbye to my nails and I've no voice because I've been screaming non-stop since the beginning of the World Cup 2014. Even so, I don't think there are more tense days as the ones when Mexico is playing, like today. So stressful!

Fortunately, I'm part of a big group full of important teammates. Among them, many Mexican celebrities who are super anxious and full of love for El Tri, as they like to call their national team because of the three colors that identify them. You won't believe how many of them have taken to social media posting photos wearing their team's jerseys. Oh, and some have even dressed their babies in them, like Jacqueline Bracamontes. So cute. Wait til you see the other ones!


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Novela actors, television hosts, singers and other celebrities are crazed. Even though, to be fair, not as much as the fans who are in Brazil. They serenaded the Mexican team outside their hotel in Fortaleza for more than an hour. The team thanked them for their gesture, but eventually coach Miguel El Piojo Herrera had to asked them to leave so his players could get some much needed rest. 

Here are some of the celebrities who would've given anything to be there!

Image via Jacqueline Bracamontes/Instagram

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