'Devious Maids': Who got Stabbed?

Remember those "Robin Hood" robbers, the ones who scared Mr. Powell into rehab and killed Alejandro during their masked attacks? This week they're back. The target? Spence's Hollywood Party. Find out what went wrong and who got stabbed.


Mr. Miller's nephew Reggie's plan to take over his uncle's fortune gets more involved, this time with Rosa's naive help. After Rosa confides in Reggie, telling him she discovered Mr. Miller's wife DeeDee having an affair with their doctor, Reggie skillfully plants the Doctor's fake confession in Mr. Miller's. Next thing you know, Reggie has a lawyer drafting divorce papers. He's gotten rid of the two ladies who loved Mr. Miller, what's next on nephew Reggie's evil master plan?

When Zoila tries to secure a liver donor for Genevieve from amongs Genevieve's family, she unwittingly invites Genevieve's mother to town. Turns out G's mother is a simple, bawdy, country lady who upon arrival accuses Genevieve of being a fraud, who is shameful of where she comes from. When her attempt to kick her mom out fails, Genevieve packs her bag to stay at the Four Seasons leaving Zoila alone to take care of the batty old lady. 

Marisol hires a nurse to help with Nick's recovery after his car accident. Problem is Nurse Molly has a big mouth. When the girls overhear Nurse Molly spilling the frijoles about Marisol's personal business in public, Marisol forces Molly to sign a confidentiality agreement. But not fast enough. After a surprise visit from the Powells, gossipy Molly recognizes mysterious chauffeur Tony Bishara. After Mr. Powell inquires about it, Molly reveals she knew Tony before, but under a different name. We're finally getting to the bottom of Tony's secret. What do you think it is?

Finally, after Carmen confronts Spence's nephew Ty about stalking her, Ty decides he needs to prove his manhood in order to win back Carmen. Ty hatches a plan to get his Robin Hood crew to do one last job so they can "threaten" Carmen's life and Ty can save her. Evan, Valentina's boyfriend, agrees.

But things don't go as planned. When Ty goes to save Carmen, another partygoer intervenes and Ty falls, providing just enough time for Carmen to grab a knife and stab her masked captor...Evan!?!  Now Evan's bound to get caught and take the fall for the crew. In the final moments of the episode he arrives bleeding to the the Powell's driveway where Valentina rushes to help. What will become of Evan's dreams of going to Brown University? And does this mean Opal will return? Tune in next week to find out.


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