'Devious Maids:' A New VILLAIN Revealed!

After being intentionally hit by Opal during a late night run in last week's episode, Nick makes a shocking request of Marisol on his hospital bed. Carmen gets uncomfortable when Spence's nephew Ty gets too obsessed with her. Plus, a new villain is revealed as we delve deeper into the world of Rosie and The Millers.


Nick asks Marisol to marry him before he goes into surgery. Though she still has doubts about him, Marisol can't resist his hospital bed request. Opal decides to move out of Nick's house, after Nick's hush payment offer last week, but not before she takes us one step closer to one of this season's hottest mysteries: revealing that while she killed Dahlia, Nick is responsible for another murder. Who is he responsible for killing? 

Last week Carmen told Spence's nephew Ty, she had a celebrity boyfriend, in order to help him deal with his crush on her. However, Ty suspects she and Spence are having an affair and poisons Spence's meal so Ty can be alone with Carmen. When Carmen discovers Ty is responsible for hurting Spence, she demands that he move out of the house. But is Ty too obsessed with Carmen to let her go?

Reggie, Mr. Miller's nephew and Rosie's immigration lawyer, is playing puppeteer at his uncle's house. Tonight he manipulated DeeDee, Mr. Miller's young wife, into kicking out his daughter, Lucinda. Then Reggie tried to manipulate Rosie, accusing DeeDee of masterminding the whole operation. What is Reggie's ultimate plan?

When Adrian Powell suspects Evelyn and Tony are having an affair, he plants cameras around the house in hopes of catching the two in action. However, when he finally catches them getting it on the side of the road, it's too much for Adrian to handle. Does he regret the choice to snoop? 

Meanwhile, Zoila gets serious with her chef boyfriend Javier, Genevieve discovers she is having kidney issues and requires dialysis, and Ethan disowns his mother Opal after finding out she is responsible for putting Nick in the hospital. 

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