SEE: William Levy & Ximena Navarrete caught cheating on camera!

William LevyHave you been keeping on tabs on this whole rumored romance between William Levy and his La Tempestad costar and former Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete? Just in case you haven't, here's a quick recap: Levy and Navarrete filmed the novela La Tempestad together, everyone is like, Ooh...oohh something is totally going on romantically between them. Which would be fine except for that Levy is in a relationship with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, who happens to be the mother of Levy's two children. Navarrete and Gutiérrez both deny the rumors, but then Levy isn't seen at Gutiérrez's April birthday so everyone is wondering why. WELL, now TV Notas published some extremely blurry pictures that they swear up and down are recent pictures of Levy and Navarrete canoodling at a Miami hotel. Oh yeah! 


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The pictures are super blurry, but they do look like a blurry version of Levy and Navarrete and social media sleuths even went as far as to check out Navarrete's clothes on social media pics posted around the time these secret romance pictures were taken and it is looking like an outfit and headband match.

According to TV Notas, Levy and Navarrete spent two days holed up in a Miami hotel.

Neither Levy nor Navarrete have confirmed or denied whether they are indeed the two attractive and blurry lovebirds in the pictures. We shall see.

Honestly, I feel bad for Gutiérrez. This has got to be hard on her, no? Chisme after chisme and what must feel like a whole lot of disrespect. If it didn't work out for whatever reasons between her and Levy, well, that kind of thing happens, but maybe end it respectfully, make a statement to the public, wish her well, thank her for mothering your babies and THEN go make out with the new one.

Anyway here are some of the pictures that supposedly capture the secret romance.

And here is an outfit comparison that a social media sleuth did...

I'm sorry, that looks like a match to me.

Image via WilliamLevy/Instagram

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