WATCH: Mariachi prank on school principal will make you LOL

mariachi bandSenior pranks are a plenty as the school year ends and most are not usually well received. Remember the kid who was banned from his own graduation for drawing a penis on the football field? Yeah, that didn't go over so well.

But one school in Santa Barbara, California decided to take a different approach. The students paid a mariachi band to play music and follow their principal throughout the school!


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The prank was caught on video when it first happened on Wednesday. Principal John Becchio was greeted by the mariachi band when he arrived at the school at 7:30 a.m. and much to his surprise they kept following him all over the school all day!

The hilarious video shows Becchio being a good sport about the prank and going along with it as the band trails behind him playing their instruments. Luckily for him they only followed him for about an hour, but I'm sure that was all music to his ears.

It wasn't just students who got a kick out of the mariachi band, but the school staff also embraced the prank. They loved it so much that they posted it online captioning it: "It was a senior prank that delighted students and staff."

These kids must actually like their principal because usually senior pranks are mean-spirited. This one actually sounds pretty funny in a tasteful way. Let's just say Becchio is lucky he didn't have the penis drawing guy at his school. Check out his prank below!

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