LISTEN: Creepy voice during Jenni Rivera's last concert predicted her death

Jenny RiveraHoly escalofríos, my people. I literally have chills right now after watching a video of Jenni Rivera singing "Paloma Negra" during her very last concert in Monterey, Mexico, just hours before she died on December 9, 2012. You might think the chills come from the performance itself, which is by all means very emotional as the song is dedicated to Jenni's daughter, Janney "Chiquis" Marin (who Jenni was at odds with at the time), but NO! The chills come because at the 2:20 time mark on the video, you CLEARLY hear a man yell, "¡Hoy la matan!" He yelled, "Today they kill her" on the day that she was killed?! He either predicted her death or announced it and I am creeped out either way.


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I find this so upsetting and disturbing. In the actual video, you can see that the man's words did not penetrate Jenni's consciousness. She looks up, seems to wipe a tear from her face and keeps singing.

What does this mean? Did this person in the audience actually know that Jenni would die that day? Was her death not an accident, but part of some horrific plan? This certainly raises all kinds of suspicions that I am obviously in no position to know anything about, but my gut tells me that something is very wrong here.

This video has been making the rounds on social media and when I heard about it, I thought maybe there would be the muffled sound of someone yelling something that kind of sort of sounded like a prediction of death for Jenni, but when I heard it, I heard it clear as day and you will too, right at the 2:20 mark. Be warned that it may freak you out more than you anticipate. It's very unsettling to think that someone knew she would die that day because, I'm sorry, but I don't know any psychics that are that accurate.

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