Jennifer Lopez's free concert in the Bronx is making people super mad

You'd think New Yorkers would be out-of-their minds excited to hear that Jennifer Lopez is giving a free concert this Wednesday in her Bronx hometown. She's expected to perform at Pelham Bay Park and if you ask me that's pretty awesome of her. How often do you get to see J.Lo perform live for FREE? But nooooo, people want to do what they do best--nag and complain! And apparently some of the residents of the surrounding City Island neighborhood are pissed!


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It looks like Bronx natives aren't so thrilled about J.Lo's free performance. In fact, the City Island Civic Association and it's president, Bill Stanton have already written a letter to parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton about why they feel the show is a bad idea.

"We write to you today on behalf of our small community of 4,500 residents ... located next to Pelham Bay Park ... the selected site for a free Jennifer Lopez concert for 25,000 visitors on June 4, " it states. "The concert was announced last week and sold out in quick fashion. To our knowledge, none of our elected officials or even our local community board had been consulted ... they would have surely informed you that our small community sits immediately off of this venue and relies on the roadways within Pelham Bay Park to enter and exit our neighborhood."

Bronx residents fear that the concert will become a massive nightmare. According to reports, a few years ago rumors about a J.Lo concert taking place in the park lead to illegal parking, tons of litter and insane standstill traffic on roads leading to City Island. "We are nervous of a similar ordeal repeating itself," the letter states. They're also worried that they'll be sitting in hours of traffic heading home from work since the concert is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. this Wednesday.

I mean I get what all the fuss is about, but this is J.Lo performing people AND for free! That sort of thing doesn't happen every day. She didn't decide to do a free performance in the Bronx for herself. It's clearly for her dedicated and loyal fans who don't seem to be appreciating this awesome opportunity. I say get over it. It's one day and it's Jennifer Lopez for crying out loud!

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