La Chiquis RiveraThe famous Rivera clan sure knows how to stay in the public eye. Since Jenni Rivera's untimely death, far from staying away from scandals and keeping their family secrets private a bit better, it seems like they've taken it to task to keep being in the news with scandals, chismes and rumors. What Chiquis, Jenni's oldest daughter, is saying now, though, left us really shocked. Let me tell you what happened.

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So word is that La Chiquis doesn't want to look at all like her mom, is what her family is saying, and I think it's a little bit too much, no? According to a Televisa publication, sources close to La Diva de la Banda's daughter say that she's tired of the comparisons. Now that she's starting to shine on her own in showbiz, especially in music, she wants to be known simply as "La Chiquis," and that's it.

Okay, where to I start ... First, she starts singing songs in the same genre as her mom, then she releases a video dressed in her mom's own dresses, she dyes her hair the same exact color as her mom, and, I'm sorry, but we can't deny where those curves are from.

And it's just that, her weight, that seems to be what she's most ashamed of. These sources say that she's putting herself through a super strict diet because she wants to have Ninel Conde's cuerpazo. And to achieve that goal she's combining juice therapy with her rigorous diet, plus lots of exercise.

But, I have to ask, what's wrong with being a hot gordita? She's very beautiful, has a spark, and recently showed off an amazing body after losing 30 pounds on People en Español--and she looked great.

But to get Ninel's body ... well, I'm sure there's more than diet required. Like my abuela would say, she'd have to lose "un muchito y tres montones," and all just to look like yet another sexy singer.

Image via Chiquisoficial/Instagram

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She is beautiful Latina
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