WATCH: Marc Anthony gets upstaged by 72-year-old dancing abuela!

Did Marc Anthony get upstaged at his own concert by a 72-year-old woman this past weekend? The answer is yes! Well, kind of.

The singer was closing out the International Salsa Festival in Mexico on Sunday when a woman, identified as Doña Abdias in local papers, dancing in the audience caught his eye. Impressed by her moves and energy, he asked his team to bring her on stage during the final song of the night. Luckily, Anthony's girlfriend, Shannon de Lima, caught the cute moment on tape and you just gotta see the two of them dancing together! Check out the clip after the jump.


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As can be seen in the video, the elderly woman, who reportedly waited in line for hours before the show to get a spot close to the stage, dances right next to Anthony as he sings his track "Valió la Pena." And she moves with such joy and enthusiasm, Anthony can't help but crack a smile before starting to dance alongside her.

But her night didn't end there. Not only did Doña Abdias get to join the singer on stage, she also got to sit down and chat with him in his dressing room afterward. Wow! Clearly, waiting in line was well worth her while!  

It's nice of Anthony to recognize his fans and give them a little appreciation. It's obvious that Doña Abdias was thrilled by his attention and I'm pretty sure that it was a night she will never forget.

Check out the two of them dancing below:

Image via Shannon De Lima/Instagram

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