Adriana Lima & Justin Bieber hooked up!?

Adriana Lima and Justin BieberIs it me or does Justin Bieber have a thing for Latinas? The guy is like a Latina hook-up machine with a side gig as a singer. I mean, there has been Selena Gomez, Tati Neves who videotaped him sleeping, maybe Yovanna Ventura of belfie fame, who knows who else ... and now Adriana Lima?! Yes, Adriana Lima, the gorgeous Brazilian Victoria's Secret model who is the mother of two, 12 years older than Bieber and just split up with her husband Marko Jaric.

Supposedly, Lima and Bieber hooked up on May 20 while at the Cannes Film Festival.


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A source told Us Weekly that Justin saw the newly single Lima at a 1 Oak fete at local French Riviera club Gotha and headed right to her. The source adds, "Justin pursued her hard, they were talking nonstop." It is said they went home together around 5 a.m. Wow! This guy has got some kind of game, I guess, because he seems to have no trouble hooking up with all kinds of gorgeousness. 

Age difference aside, nothin' wrong with a lady dating a younger man, it seems to me that Bieber and Lima are at very different points in their lives. He's a mess trying to sow his seed anywhere that will let him sow and she is a mother of two coming out of a five year marriage. If this hook-up business really happened, perhaps it was just Lima letting off a little steam, a rebound sort of thing, or a what the heck I'm single sort of thing.

I get why Bieber would be attracted to Lima, but quite frankly I don't see what she would see in him. She's all woman and he still strikes me as a not-quite boy, not-quite man.

Image via justinbieber/Instagram

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