Did Casper Smart really cheat on Jennifer Lopez with a transgender model?!

jennifer lopez casper smartI remember when Jennifer Lopez started dating Casper Smart shortly after her divorce from Marc Anthony. Many thought it wasn't going to work out because of the huge age difference and because she was on the rebound. Lo and behold, two years later and the couple is still going strong.

However, could it be that J.Lo's boy toy has something to hide that could ruin their relationship? Transgender bikini model Sofie Vissa says she has incriminating evidence that just might...


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Vissa has reportedly been trying to sell a story surrounding 27-year-old Casper Smart which involves flirty and graphic Instagram messages they had sent to each other. She reached out to TheDirty.com asking to sell the juicy tidbits of her interaction with Smart which resulted in her acquiring nude pictures of him and vice versa.

Editor Nik Richie of the website says the pictures are definitely of J.Lo's beau. "I can confirm she has naked images of Casper Smart and Casper has nude images of (Vissa)," he said.

He claims the images Vissa sent him are directly from Smart's official Instagram account and that he asked her to send her bikini pictures after seeing some on her page. She claims they began texting shortly after because Smart didn't want the public to see their messages.

So far Smart and Jennifer Lopez's camps haven't confirmed the rumors, but say that his official Instagram handle is @beaucaspersmart. This happens to be the account the pictures were sent from and apparently a few images and videos were taken down since the accusations came to light.

Hm, something is fishy about this story. Clearly this woman wants to make a buck off J.Lo's man, but would he REALLY be that dumb enough to do something like this? We're taking it with a huge grain of salt for now. For all we know this could be all false and photoshopped, but it would make for an interesting scandal. I guess we will have to keep an eye out on this story until something else develops!

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