The World Cup is (finally!) only a few weeks away and soccer fans all over the world, including myself, are counting down the days till the games kick off. But while the tournament hasn't officially started yet, it seems everyone, from fans to celebrities to the soccer player themselves, is already getting in the spirit of things. First, there was the release of a multitude of World Cup-themed songs. And now, soccer star Neymar and supermodel Gisele Bundchen are showing their Brazilian pride on the latest cover of Vogue Brazil!

The cover, captioned with the words "Dream Team," shows the Brazilian proudly posing in white alongside the country's flag. And while Bundchen looks as gorgeous as ever, I gotta say Neymar is certainly holding his own next to her. Seriously, he looks like he could be a model himself!


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I guess I shouldn't be surprised. As one of the stars of the team, I'm sure he's used to strutting his stuff. Still, I couldn't help but get more excited about the tournament after looking at this photo, because it reminded me of one important thing: these guys aren't only athletic, they're also damn attractive!

That's right. Neymar isn't the only talented and good-looking soccer player who'll be taking the field next month. Below, check out more hot players of the World Cup 2014!  

Image via Vogue Brazil

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