WATCH Bruno Mars jams out with Brad Pitt on stage!

Bruno Mars is a hell of a performer on his own, but one very famous person recently made one of his shows even better. Brad Pitt jumped on stage with the singer during his rendition of "Sex Machine" at a Make It Right foundation fundraising gala in New Orleans this past weekend, thrilling the audience with his appearance and his dance moves. And luckily for us, someone caught the whole amazing performance on video. Check it out after the jump!


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In the clip below, Mars kicks off the song by introducing Pitt as he climbs on stage (as if he needs an introduction!), saying, "You might have seen him in Fight Club. You might have seen him in Inglourious Basterds. Benjamin Button."  

As the song starts, Pitt grabs a tambourine and starts shaking it along to the beat of the song next to the rest of the band. But the best part comes at the 1:09 mark, when the singer ad libs to the tune, singing "Brad Pitt you sexy mother---ker!" Ha!

For the rest of the song, Pitt jams out alongside Mars and the band, dancing around on stage, playing the tambourine, and even jumping up and down a few times. Who knew he had such crazy moves? I think most of us are used to seeing him really serious, but it's clear he was having the time of his life on stage.

In any case, it's pretty amazing that he jumped on stage. Can you imagine being there to witness that moment? Sidenote: I just happened to be in New Orleans this past weekend and had no idea this was going on. I would've made it my mission to sneak in! Oh, well. At least there's video for all of us to enjoy. Watch it here:

Image via Splash News

What do you think of Pitt's dance moves?

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What do you think of Pitt's dance moves?

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