Is there anything sweeter than a good love story? My favorite ones are those in which the couple finds each other after surmounting huge obstacles in life and as a reward they meet the love of their lives. They find the person that  make them feel like the center of the Universe. One of those is the love story between Adamari López and Toni Costa, who got engaged this weekend in the Dominican Republic.

They seem to live in romantic bliss since they met in Mira Quién Baila, and when asked about their secret they both mentioned that they have learned through life how precious the other is. They insist that they seduce each other every single day. No wonder they look so happy. You can see it works when you see the story of their love in images.

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Adamari often said that she didn't need to get  married to feel committed to Toni. She often mentioned that they were trying to get pregnant. The dream of the baby hasn't come true yet, but Toni was keen on tying the knot. He planned an amazing surprise engagement party, with the help of 60 of their relatives and family friends. The Boricua star didn't have to think about it twice to say yes, when he got on one knee and asked her to be his wife. It was very romantic.

Check out a timeline of some photos since they first met.

Image vía Toni Costa/Instagram


Mira Quien Baila 1

Mira Quien Baila

Image vía Univision

Adamari and Toni met on Univision's Mira Quien Baila the Spanish dancer was her partner on the Spanish-language version of Dancing With The Stars. 


The first ring 2

The first ring

Image via Toni Costa/Instagram

They were commited from the beginning: After a few months of dating, Toni gave Adamari this two rings for her birthday. It seems like he knew she was the one.


A fun Valentine's 3

A fun Valentine's

Image via Toni Costa/Instagram

Is there anything better than a partner in your silly fun?

Their first aniversary 4

Their first aniversary

Image via Toni Costa/Instagram

A great celebration on October 2012 when Adamari and Toni celebrated a year together. How cute are they?


Adamari's book 5

Adamari's book

Image vía Toni Costa/Instagram

Toni posted this photo in support of Adamari when she was touring the country with her book Viviendo.


The second aniversary 6

The second aniversary

Image via Adamari López/Instagram

"I want to be always like this @ToniCosta4 Next to you! These are the first two of the many years we will celebrate together. The best is yet to come! Love U," posted Adamari in Instagram next to this image.


Uniting the families 7

Uniting  the families

Image via Toni Costa/Instagram

During Christmas 2013, they brought Toni's mom to meet Adamari´s family in Puerto Rico.

Latin Billboards 8

Latin Billboards

Image vía Toni Costa/Instagram

A very important milestone in their relationship. They met her ex, Latin singer Luis Fonsi, at the Latin Billboards, and clapped after his performance TOGETHER. That's what I call moving on!


The engagement 9

The engagement

Image via Toni Costa/Instagram

Toni organized a surprise enagagement party in the Dominican Republic for Adamari and invited 60 of their relative and closest friends. Adamari thought she was celebrating her birthday in a romantic weekend with him. She is so lucky!