SEE: Cristiano Ronaldo NUDE with his girlfriend Irina Shayk

June's edition of Vogue España is quite daring: On the front cover, hottie soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo bares it all! The Real Madrid star is on the cover completely nude (yes NUDE!) with his gorgeous girlfriend Irina Shayk. Shayk is wearing a beautiful white bridal gown, but he's totally naked. Did I mention that he's nude already?

Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, one of Shayk's favorites, captured the moment, one of the first times the couple is photographed posing together. And let me tell you, the cover is super sensual. Check out the entire image after the break.


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With the World Cup almost here, the magazine decided to name its issue the "Love and Soccer" issue (Amor y fútbol), and honestly, Cristiano is not the first or the last soccer start o fall in love with a celeb. I really do love the shots of this couple because their artistic and tasteful--sadly, Cristiano is totally in the buff but not showing anything inappropriate. He's covered by his girlfriend's body and they look amazing together.

The shoot took place a couple of months ago in the soccer star's house, which is in an exclusive Madrid neighborhood. "Sharing the cover with Irina mean a lot. Irina is the most beautiful woman in the world and working with her has been, besides a surprise, something very special," the athlete said. "I've enjoyed it very much." Cristiano is gearing up for two huge events: the final in the Champions League in his native Portugal and, of course, World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

I'm not sure the wedding gown is an insinuation that there's going to be nuptials in the near future for these two, but what is clear is that Cristiano is totally in love with his girl--and vice versa. "Irina is a great support, she helps me so much in this demanding career. I love when she comes to see my matches," the footballer told the glossy. "It gives me strength, makes me feel great and full of confidence."

His girlfriend sounds as devote and in love as he does: "I know Cristiano is the best player in the world. This is our first cover and it's been incredible to work together as a couple and to share in this special moment."

The cover is amazing. Even photographer Testino said so when he announced the shoot in Instagram: "What a fabulous couple!" We couldn't have said it better, we're loving it too!

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