Alejandra Guzman's daughter caught in nude photo scandal!

Mexican singer and rocker Alejandra Guzman has had her fair share of scandals. And now it looks like her daughter, Frida Sofia, is following in her mom's infamous footsteps. According to reports, the 23-year-old has been acting out and recently had a series of compromising photos of herself leaked to gossip mag TV y Novelas. And when I saying compromising, I mean she's butt naked in one of them!


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I don't know what's going on with Frida lately, but clearly something is up. The photos published in TV y Novelas aren't just provocative, they also show her smoking up. In fact, in one of the photos Frida is seen wearing NOTHING but yellow panties and smoking marijuana (boobs out and all). In another one, she's completely nude and bending down to pick something up with her "tramp stamp" and butt on full display. It's embarrassing!

A source who claims to be close to Frida told TV y Novelas  told the tabloid that the famous rockera's daughter usually smokes about a sandwich bag worth of pot every weekend--that's a lot! If you look at the photos you can tell that Frida was high out of her mind. She's actually smoking a blunt in one of them.

But who leaked these photos to TV y Novelas? Who knows, maybe it was the same source who spoke to them. Either way, it's a sad situation to be in and I don't feel like Frida has learned her lesson either. I mean it hasn't stopped her from posting sexy, scandalous photos to her Instagram account. Someone needs to get this poor girl some help!

Image via Frida Sofia/Instagram

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