'The Voice': Why Team Adam Rules!

I've become obsessed with Adam Levine. Maybe it's because I've spent way too much time re-watching Tessanne Chin's performances on YouTube (does anyone miss her as much as I do?), maybe it's because he died his hair bleached blonde like a rebellious teenager, who knows? Tonight he proved he is the coach to beat. Find out why. 


Adam is the only coach with two remaining contestants in the semi-finals (each of the other coaches have one remaining contestant.) Is this a sign of his superiority? I believe so. He continues to prove his worth as a coach taking risks with his artists by expanding their musical offerings, with diverse song choices that show their true artistry.

Kat Perkins came out tonight singing Sia's "Chandelier," a song originally written for Rihanna. The rebel rock star, who has been saved by America not once but twice, delivered a powerful performance singing what was described as the "Mount Everest of songs," aka the riskiest song choice of the night.

While the rest of the contestants were busy singing standard fare (Jake & Kristen classic country, Josh classic R&B/soul), Kat showed she's hungry and creative and willing to prove herself as an artist. Whether she moves on to the final three or not, I join Adam in giving her props and respect for putting it all on the line. It was the most exhilarating performance of the night by far.  

 Right behind her was internet sensation Christina Grimmie, also Team Adam, who experimented with new technology tonight, harmonizing with her own voice, live onstage, using a vocoder. Impressive. Adam and Christina went out on a limb  choosing Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek," a complete departure from her previous performances. While Usher criticized her for not connecting emotionally at the top of the song, Coach Adam celebrated her proclaiming: "we don't want to sit here and do karaoke, we want to surprise and impress."

Isn't that what this competition is all about? After hearing yet another earnest country song from Jake Worthington or Kristen Merlin, or classic R&B song from Josh Kaufman, I've become bored. Yes, I said it. That's why Adam deserves praise. Night after night, he continues to surprise and impress us, proving why "The Voice" is the best reality singing competition on TV.

(Another kick-ass performance worth noting was Josh Kaufman's second song, One Republic's "Love Runs Out." Check it out. I truly hope Josh joins Kat and Christina in the top three. Vote for them and tune in tomorrow for the live semi-finals elimination.)

Images courtesy of NBC. 

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