Marc Anthony gives Jennifer Lopez more child support than Dayanara Torres!

jennifer lopez marc anthony dayanara torresFormer Miss Universe Dayanara Torres wants more child support from her ex-husband, Marc Anthony and she's not backing down until she gets it. Dayanara has accused Marc of being dishonest about how much money he really makes and claims he gives Jennifer Lopez and their two children, Max and Emme, WAY more money than he gives for the two kids he's had with Dayanara. Looks like Marc has found himself in a sticky situation!


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Dayanara testified in a court in Los Angeles, California this past Friday that Marc makes way more money than he leads on. She believes that he spends a lot more money maintaining his other ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, and their twins. Dayanara is fighting for him to give her an additional $100,000 a month. Right now he sends her $13,000 and she basically wants $113,000.

But Marc claims that $113,000 a month is excessive and that she doesn't actually need him to give her that much. He admitted in court that he earns around $1.25 million a month, but that it's difficult for him to tell what his exact income is.

Things weren't looking good for Marc after lawyers discovered that he actually owns a farm in upstate New York that's worth around $700,000. He claims that he failed to mention the farm when going over his assets because he FORGOT! Riiighhhht!

"I completely forgot I had a farm," he said explaining that he hasn't visited the property in seven or eight years. After hearing both sides, the judge ruled in Dayanara's favor and Marc is expected to attend the next hearing. There's a good chance he might have to give Dayanara the $113,000 a month whether he likes it or not.

I really don't blame Dayanara for being so aggressive. I'd be pissed too if I heard my ex-husband (who freaking cheated one me) was giving his other ex-wife a lot more child supportive than he was giving me and my kids. Seriously, what makes the other woman so special? I know she's J.Lo and all, and I'm positive he has a much better relationship with her than he does with Dayanara, but it's still not right. He had kids with both of them, so it's only fair he treats all the kids the same and gives all the kids the same kind of financial support. Hopefully she'll be able to get him for all he's worth!

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