Mariah Carey says daughter Monroe "outdivas" her & we find that hard to believe!

Are Mariah Carey's twins becoming little troublemakers?  While making an appearance on The Late Show last night, the singer told host David Letterman what dem babies are up to these days and it seems both recently experienced a case of the toddler terrors!

During the interview, Carey, who was rocking some major cleavage in a long dramatic, black gown (seriously, she looks like she's going to a ball, not a talk show), told Letterman that her 3-year-old's Monroe and Moroccan have already developed some pretty strong personalities. Hmm…I wonder who they possibly could've gotten THAT from.

So what exactly did she say they were doing?


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Well, apparently, besides fighting with each other from time to time (as all siblings do!), 'Roc is starting to take his nickname, Rocky, a little too seriously! "He likes to call himself Rocky and now he's punching other kids," Carey said. "That's the problem." Yikes! And according to her, they're not just any kids--they're all older and bigger.  OK, that's definitely a bad idea.

Letterman responded by saying all kids do that and that he'd grow out of it, which is probably true…at least I hope! Let's just hope he grows out of it sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Carey says 'Roe is definitely taking after her. "My little princess," Carey said. "She is….she way outdivas me." Ha! Well, that's pretty hard to do, given how over-the-top Carey is known for being. Then again, I'm not entirely surprised. After all, she's learning from the best and we've already seen photos of her walking around in her mom's crazy high heels.

Whatever they might get themselves into, I think we can all agree that both Monroe and Moroccan are adorable. Plus, I love that Carey is so open about them and shares all her typical parental frustrations with the rest of the world—even if she happens to do so while wearing a floor-length gown.

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