A couple of weeks ago I found myself browsing through all the photos on Kim Kardashian's Instagram page (don't judge me, I was bored!) and stumbled upon one particular picture that really shocked me. It was a photo Kim had posted up of herself when she was a baby. I couldn't get over the striking resemblance baby Kim had to baby North. The same neat brows, the same big dark eyes, the same nose, the same Gerber baby pout. It was unreal!

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It's always been clear that Nori inherited her mom's gorgeous olive skin. But I was never really sure who she resembled more. Was it Kim or was it her daddy Kanye? But after laying my eyes on this baby picture of Kim and made a side-by-side comparison of them both, it became clear that North really looks just like her mamá! Are those Kardashian genes strong or what?

But baby North isn't the only baby who looks almost identical to her celebrity parent. Here are a few other famous kids who look just like their mom or dad!

Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Beyonce & Blue Ivy 1

Beyonce & Blue Ivy

Image via Beyonce/Instagram, Splash News

I always thought Blue Ivy looked more like her dad Jay-Z, until I saw some of Bey's baby pictures. They have the same wild curls, brows, big dark eyes and adorable pout. It's so cute!


Nicole Richie and Harlow 2

Nicole Richie and Harlow

Image via Getty Images

It's crazy how much Nicole Richie's daughter Harlow looks like her. She even has her smile and fashion sense.


Christina Milian and Violet 3

Christina Milian and Violet

Image via Getty Images

I feel bad for Christina Milian's ex-husband, The Game. Her 4-year-old daughter Violet literally looks just like her!

Shakira & baby Milan 4

Shakira & baby Milan

Images via Facebook

Have you ever noticed how much baby Milan looks like his mom? He has her eyes and her cute button nose. I love it!


Tina Fey & Alice 5

Tina Fey & Alice

Image via Getty Images

It cracks me up how much Tina Fey's little daughter Alice looks like her. They even have the same corkiness. She's like Tina's mini-me!


Jessica Alba & Honor 6

Jessica Alba & Honor

Images via Jessica Alba/Instagram

Jessica Alba's 5-year-old daughter Honor looks so much like her it's not even funny. See the little fashionista likes to mimic her mom's style too.


Mariah Carey & Monroe 7

Mariah Carey & Monroe

Image via Instagram

I love seeing Mariah Carey posts pictures with her adorable twins Morocco and Monroe, but especially with her daughter Monroe. They look so alike!

Madonna & Lourdes 8

Madonna & Lourdes

Madonna's 17-year-old daughter looks almost identical to her. If Madonna were to grow out her naturally dark hair they'd look like twins!


David Beckham & Harper 9

David Beckham & Harper

Image via Splash News

It's crazy how much Harper looks like her sexy soccer player dad, David Beckham. They have the same eyes, nose and grin!