Sofia Vergara's 'Chef' co-star PROPOSED to her!

The youngest star in the highly buzzed about new movie, Chef, is only 10 years old, but he's already as in love with Sofia Vergara as the rest of the world is! In a recent interview, Emjay Anthony, who plays Vergara's son in the movie, revealed that he was speechless when he first met the actress, whom he describes as "gorgeous." Clearly, that didn't last too long though as the actor also confessed that he eventually decided to propose to Vergara. Yes ... propose.

"I proposed to her, I made a little origami ring out of a dollar bill," Anthony told HuffPost. "I said: 'Sofía Vergara, will you marry me?' " Aww ... this kid is too cute! So what did Vergara react to him popping the question? You'll never guess her response!


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Anthony says that after proposing, Vergara asked if the money he made the ring out of was a $100 bill. When he said, no, she responded, "Well, then, nooooo." Ha! Typical Sofia. The best part of the exchange though is listening to Anthony mimic Vergara's accent and mannerisms, waving his finger in the air in the exact sassy way that she would. I gotta say, his impersonation is pretty spot-on!

In any case, Anthony shouldn't feel too bad. After all, Vergara is taken, being engaged to longtime boyfriend Nick Loeb and all. And at least, he got to spend plenty of time with her! How many 10-year-olds can say that?!

Check out Anthony describe the proposal--and imitate Vergara--in the video below:

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