kid noteOne of the things I love most about kids is the fact that they always manage to tell it like it is. They're the ones you can rely on to not sugarcoat things. In fact, one little girl gave her boyfriend the ultimatum after he stopped talking to her since the day he asked her out!

Let's just say she had some choice words for him and they were not pretty!

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She writes in the note that he hasn't spoken to her in three months and that he needs to "git it together." Oh, if she only knew that women can't change men and that they don't get it together for many, many, many years. At least she's learning this young! She even warns him that if he doesn't grow up he's never going to get married. Ha!

Sounds like this little girl knows what she wants out of life and she's not going to settle for anything less. I can't blame her because sadly we live in a world of commitmentphobes as she will eventually learn.

If you thought her note was funny, wait until you see these other hilarious letters other kids have written. I swear, kids say the darndest things!

Image via ddem2000/Instagram

The power outage note 1

The power outage note

 Paul Higginbotham/twitter

A 6-year-old girl from West Virginia was concerned after her family lost power during a thunderstorm. In fact, she took matters into her hands and wrote to the local power company about her power issue back home. The issue was finally fixed and she courteously wrote a thank you note to them too!


To do list 2

To do list

Image via Nickmom

Kids like to feel important therefore 'm not surprised this child made their own to-do list. Look at how busy they are! Getting dizzy must be so exhausting!


Kardashian's note 3

Kardashian's note

Image via Buzzfeed

The public has a love-hate relationship with the Kardashians. Some people actually admire them, while others like this child...want to Hulk smash them. HAHA!

School note 4

School note

Image via Boing Boing

This little girl made sure her teacher knew she was good at sports and dancing, loves candy, BUT doesn't like boy things and dead frogs. However she admits she wishes she could fly and make big burps.


The tooth fairy 5

The tooth fairy

Image via Buzzfeed

This kid lost his tooth and the Tooth Fairy never paid him for it! I don't blame him for protesting since she's jipping him out of some cash. I hope he finally got his dollar, although I hear prices have gone up a tooth nowadays!


Apology letter 6

Apology letter

Image via Buzzfeed

This little girl apologized to her mom for being mean and disobedient in this adorable note. I'm sure her mom forgave her, even though being called a piece of poo is very hurtful.


Horses not whores 7

Horses not whores

Image via Buzzfeed

Get your mind out of the gutter! I know what it looks like this kid said, but it's not his fault "horse" and "whores" have similar spellings. It's an honest mistake! Although it's funny thinking he's going to buy his own "hores" at 16.