'Devious Maids:' Gunshots Fired! Who Died?

Guns are fired and a man is dead in the latest episode of 'Devious Maids.' Luckily, none of our favorite maids are responsible or hurt. In the latest episode, "Dangerous Liaisons," we inch closer to solving the mystery behind the masked intruders, and Marisol learns the truth about Nick and Opal's relationship.


Adrian Powell is the star of the night: attempting to organize a neighborhood watch, buying a gun, and mistakenly shooting his wife, all in a matter of minutes. Panicking about his family's safety, Adrian acquires a gun from Tony Bishara, the bodyguard. Not only does he pull it on Valentina, but he shoots Evelyn! Thank god the bullet only grazed her arm.

Evelyn is irritated, but when it brings her closer to Tony, whom she's been fantasizing about, she doesn't mind. Having just walked in on him having sex with her friend Tanya, she confronts Tony. In a turn of fate, he confesses his true feelings about Evelyn and they kiss passionately. What will happen when gun-toting Adrian finds out?

WIth preparations for Alejandro's funeral underway, Carmen finds another opportunity to advance her career when she reads the list of notable music industry professionals attending. She offers her services to sing a tribute song, choosing a flashy number to show off her talents. Odessa will have none of it. At the funeral, Carmen is reduced to tears and cannot finish her song, with Odessa rushing to her side. Turns out Carmen's conscience took over.

Meanwhile, a mystery young man drops off flowers at Alejandro's memorial. He's one of the masked intruders with a guilty conscience. After being threatened by his henchman, he commits suicide outside Alejandro's house, leaving behind a note that says "I'm Sorry." Will this lead us closer to the masked perpetrators?

Rosie makes headway when she sneaks Mr. Kenneth off to a new doctor, after doubting the effectiveness of his current family doctor. Rosie learns that physical therapy will help and signs Mr. Kenneth up. But before she can celebrate she spots Didi, Mr. Kenneth's young, wife, kissing the family doctor! When she confronts Didi, Didi agrees to follow the new doctor's orders. Another conscious moment?

Marisol digs deeper into Nick's dead wife Dahlia's story and discovers Evelyn Powell was her best friend. After confronting Evelyn, Evelyn confides in Marisol about the rumors of Nick and Opal's affair. Marisol asks Ethan, Opal's son, to show her photos of Dahlia, and Nick confesses he doesn't know who his father is. Then Marisol spots a photo of a happy threesome: Opal, Nick, and Ethan. Could Nick and Opal be in former lovers?

Genevieve invites Zoila to a party as her guest to cheer her up after her estrangement from both her daughter and husband. But Zoila feels unwelcome when Genevieve's racist friend Tanya treats her like a maid. In the end, Genevieve and Zoila have a sisterhood moment that's almost touching, leading to a sleepover. What happens when they wake up in the morning and Genevieve wants tea? 

What will happen next week? Will there be another death until the mysteries are solved? 


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