Naya Rivera fired from 'Glee' over feud with Lea Michele

naya rivera lea micheleCould this be the end of Santana Lopez on Glee? Rumor has it that Naya Rivera has been fired from the popular FOX show after a huge fight with co-star Lea Michele. This isn't be the first time we hear of the tension between the actresses especially since they are two of the biggest starlets on the show.

I guess there's only room for one diva and the producers have made up their mind!


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It seems like this is NOT the year for Naya. First her ex-fiance, Big Sean, called off their engagement and then there were rumors that he was cheating on her with Michele! Although I don't believe that infidelity nonsense, it does sound like the girls have beef with each other regardless.

Now, if she's getting fired from the one show that put her on the map, things can't be looking good for her. Sources say that Naya and Michele had a huge fight on April 15 and that there is a lot of cattiness and jealousy between them. A source told PopWrapped magazine, "Naya is jealous that Lea is the show's main star ... There is a lot of sighing and eye-rolling between them."

News of this possible firing doesn't help Naya, whose character's fate was undetermined for season six of the show. Supposedly she is already written out of the finale for season five!

I think it's time for Naya to reevaluate her life decisions and get it together. If you are causing problems at your job over things going on in your personal life, it's not a good look. I understand she is going through the break-up and moving on process, but fighting with your co-stars is only going to make you look bad to your bosses, and ultimately get you fired. Hopefully this is just a rumor and if it's not, maybe this will give Naya a reality check.

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