Jennifer Lopez celebrates curvy chicas on new single "Big Booty"

It's about time Jennifer Lopez made a song celebrating her "assets." There's a snippet to one of her new tracks, titled "Big Booty" buzzing around the internet and I'm already loving the little that I've heard. J.Lo  has been praised for her big butt for years--heck, she's the one that made it in style. What took her so long to come out with a single that celebrates chicas with curves?


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"Big Booty" is just one of the tracks on J.Lo's 10th album due out on June 17. Funny thing is, she didn't even like it as first. She didn't even want to record the song, which is produced by Diplo. But Chris Brown (yes, that Chris Brown) managed to get her to change her mind. Brown and her 6-year-old twins, Max and Emme, reportedly loved it.

"I was in the car with the twins and they were like 'Big big booty, she got a big booty,' and I saw that it was just a fun record," she told Yahoo Music. How cute is that?

"This is the kind of song I want to hear J.Lo do," she claims Brown said when he introduced the song to her. After some convincing she agreed to record it, but ONLY if she wasn't the main focus of the song. I mean, it would be kind of tacky to have a song that's just about your own booty, right? So instead the track is an anthem for curvy women everywhere. I love it!

The song itself is super upbeat and kind of funny. It even features a verse from her buddy Pitbull and of course the chorus goes something like, "Big big booty, she got a big booty." The short video clip out there shows J.Lo dancing and shaking her booty at a BBQ. Trust me its tasteful shaking--no twerking here!

Check out a few seconds of the video below!

Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

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