Selena Gomez linked to A-list movie star a decade older than she is!

Could somebody please tell me what's going on with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber? Are they still together, broken up or what? I'd like to think so especially considering Selena Gomez was spotted with a MUCH older hottie this weekend while chilling in L.A. Not only was she seen cozying up to this guy, but according to reports she looked really happy too!


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By the looks of things, Selena Gomez may have moved on from the Biebz with Orlando Bloom! Yes, girl, the two were spotted chatting outside of a Chelsea Handler performance in L.A. this weekend. According to sources, they got very close until paparazzi showed up. That's when Orlando decided to jet and the two walked away in opposite directions. But if they were just innocently hanging out why did they have to run from the cameras like that?

Apparently, the two were having a blast together that night. "Selena actually looked really happy. They both seemed in great spirits," a source exclusively told Not to mention, this isn't the first time they've been spotted together. Selena posted a picture of them hanging out with mutual friends last month. So what's the deal?

We still don't know, but some are speculating this may have been a revenge plot. Justin and Orlando's ex-wife and baby momma, Miranda Kerr, apparently got really close during a 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion show, so it's possible Orlando and Selena just did this to get them jealous. But then again, that would be incredibly immature especially considering Orlando and Miranda are in the middle of getting divorced and Justin and Selena are on rocky terms.

Either way, I just hope there isn't really something going on between the 37-year-old actor and Selena. That would just be creepy!

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