SEE: Shakira posts Milan's cutest picture EVER

Shakira and boyfriend Gerard Piqué might have incredibly busy careers, but they don't let that stop them from capturing every precious moment with their son, Milan. The latest example? The singer took to Twitter today to share another photo of her 1-year-old…and I'm pretty sure this is the cutest one we've seen yet!

"Mi bebito," she wrote alongside the adorable snapshot of little Milan staring into the camera. You just gotta get a look at his HUGE eyes and round cheeks! This baby is too darn precious for words. See the photo after the jump!

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It's hard to believe how big Milan has gotten. It seems like just yesterday he was a teeny tiny thing wearing his dad's number on a mini soccer jersey. But here he is, already one and toddling around.

One thing's for sure: he's cuter than ever! All of the photos Shaki and Pique share of him are super sweet, but this one in particular has me convinced he is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever laid eyes on. Then again, he does have great genes. Clearly, he takes after his parents--and not just in appearance, but in musical abilities too.

In any case, I just love how both Shakira and Piqué are so eager to take and show off pictures of their baby, just like any other parents. It just shows what a happy, normal, down-to-earth family they are. I hope they only continue to share more photos as Milan gets older. It's fun seeing him grow up and seemingly get more and more adorable with each passing day!

Check out the photo, along with past snapshots from Milan's life so far, below:

Image via Shakira/Twitter

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He is so cute! She looks so happy as a mom. :)

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