WATCH: These kids dance salsa better than you

dancingChildren of all ages constantly amaze me. I really don't think that we give children enough credit for what they are capable of. We think, Oh they are kids, whatever, I'll teach them a thing or two. Oh man, but some of these kids are more competent and talented than most adults. Don't worry, I've got proof for you. Be prepared to be amazed by the salsa dancing skills of of dancing partners that appear to be all of 4 to 5 years old to me.

These kids are AMAZE-balls! No, really you are going to want to take lessons from them and even then, you will probably never be as good as they are.


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A friend sent me this video that has been shared like crazy on Facebook and I was like, Yeah, whatever it is going to be some cute kids movin' to salsa music, but I was so wrong. These children are salsa masters moving like greased lightning and dominating the dance floor with their impeccable style and flavor.

They are both great, but el niño really blew me away. He has a solo in the piece and you have got to check out his footwork, it is unbelievable. I think I would have to put the video on slow motion to even be able to figure out everything he is doing and he does it with such grace and exquisite command of his body.

Image via Corbis Images

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