Nuns are getting a reality TV show, proof the end is near

nunYou normally associate nuns with the Catholic church and religion, but would you ever tie them to reality TV? Looks like Lifetime is taking the plunge and creating a reality TV show called Sisterhood, which focuses on five nuns living in a convent. The main plot of the show focuses on if these nuns want to remain in the selfless profession for the rest of their lives.

Just when I thought reality TV would avoid touching on sacred topics, I'm proven wrong...


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The show will be produced by the same company that handled Breaking Amish (remember that show? Because I barely do). This will be the first time TV cameras have been allowed into a convent where the nuns centered around the show will showcase the issues they face during the discernment phase.

The show will feature six hour long episodes where the ladies will face the challenges surrounding the vows of chastity, obedience, and other sacrifices in order to serve God. Not only are they leaving their families, boyfriends behind, but they have to be certain that they want to be servants to the church as well as Brides of Christ. As you can imagine, it's a SERIOUS life commitment.

I hate to say it, but I believe the only way this show can be successful is if you have at least one hot mess nun who is rebellious. Maybe not to the Snooki and J-Woww extent, but most reality TV shows thrive off of that type of controversy. Unless there is that element, I can see people being bored with it because, lets face it, you don't usually associate the word "wild" with nuns. So far there is no premiere date, but I guess we will have to see for ourselves. Hopefully it doesn't do TOO much to offend the Catholic church.

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