Evelyn Lozada's ex has finally moved on & you'll never believe with who

Guess who finally has a new girlfriend? Evelyn Lozada's ex, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. I'm SO serious! I guess he had no choice but to move on since Evelyn already has. She's not only engaged to millionaire baseball player, Carl Crawford but the two even welcomed their first child together, Carl Leo a few weeks ago. Did I mention that Chad's new girl is a bartender?


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Yup, Evelyn found herself a better man while Chad seems to be running around with this really young looking chick named Crystal who calls herself redbarbie_69 on Instagram. Apparently she's a bartender from Miami, but no one knows how exactly these two crossed paths. Um ... maybe at the bar she works at? Anyhow it's hard to say whether or not this woman is Chad's new rebound, but based on what I saw on his Instagram account it looks like these two might actually be serious. He has pictures of her all over his account and she has even more pictures of him all over her account. Most of the pictures are actually of them vacationing together, so this definitely isn't just some fling.

Chad still hasn't said a word to press about his new girlfriend which I find sort of odd because it's not like he's keeping things on the low either. I wonder how Evelyn feels about all this. I get the feeling she could care less. After all, Chad's new girl doesn't have a thing on Evelyn!

Images via redbarbie_69/Instagram

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