Shakira's man Gerard Pique caught in bloody fight with paparazzi

shakira and piqueShakira's main squeeze, Gerard Pique is generally an even-tempered person, but he recently showed us a side we'd NEVER seen before. The soccer player flipped out on a paparazzi photographer while strolling through a park in Barcelona.

The craziest part is that Shakira and their baby Milan were both present when the violent outburst occurred. Not that we condone fighting, but we have to take Pique's side on this one...


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Pique reportedly lost his temper when a photographer approached him, Shaki, Milan, and the singer's brother, Tonino as they were in Marineland park. One photographer present during the incident says that Tonino was the one getting annoyed with paparazzi which caused Pique to flip out.

The soccer star punched the paparazzo which became a huge fight that park officials had to break up. The altercation must have been something fierce because Pique resulted with a broken lip, while the photographer got banged up pretty badly.

Surprisingly no charges were pressed, but Pique and Shaki asked that footage of the fight be deleted for obvious reasons. This incident is so bizarre! Who would've thought that Pique is the kind of guy to be getting violent with the paps? Though I can totally understand if he felt like their privacy or safety was being violated. He is, after all, a daddy now, and I'm sure he wants to fiercely protect his family.

Still, it concerns me because he threw fists in front of his baby and his girlfriend who could have been caught in the middle. I'm sure he was behaving out of a protective instinct and some paparazzi do take things WAY too far when trying to photograph celebrities out with their kids. That will teach them to mess with Shaki's man, but Pique should still be careful. The next paparrazo he hits may end up taking him to court.

Image via Shakira/Twitter

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