Miley Cyrus hospitalized & forced to cancel concerts!

Looks like Miley Cyrus' never ending party has temporarily come to a screeching halt! The singer was forced to cancel her concerts in Kansas City last night and in St. Louis today after being hospitalized for a "severe allergic reaction to antibiotics," according to a press release from the venue.

"Kansas I promise I'm as heartbroken you are. I wanted so badly 2 b there 2night. Not being with yall makes me feel sh***ier than I already do," she tweeted yesterday.

Of course, some people are now speculating there is actually being more to her hospitalization than is being said.


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According to TMZ, the 21-year-old star was rushed to the hospital because of a bad reaction to meds. But the publication also claims that the reason she was on antibiotics in the first place is because she felt worn down from all of her hard partying and from "the emotional meltdown" she's been experiencing over the death of her dog, Floyd, earlier this month. Since losing her beloved pet, Cyrus has allegedly been suffering from crying fits and has been unable to sleep. The report also suggests she's been drinking and taking drugs.

Cyrus is still in the hospital as of this morning and has confirmed she won't be being released today. Poor Miley! No one likes getting sent to the hospital, especially when you have thousands of fans counting of you to show up and perform. 

Hmm…I know Cyrus isn't exactly shy about her affinity for weed and partying, but to be honest, I'm not sure if I believe all of the speculation surrounding her hospitalization. First of all, she seems genuinely annoyed and sad to be missing two concerts. That's a lot of disappointed fans to deal with! And if her latest tweets are any indication, she really, really does not want to be in the hospital.

Plus, if her recent emotional stress is due to her pet's death, I feel for her. I would be heartbroken to lose either of my two dogs! In any case, I hope she gets back on track soon.

Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter

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